French Oak Planks

Certified Lorraine French Oak wide planks. This wood was carefully harvested from the legendary oak forests in the Lorraine region. Known for their outstanding quality the timber is sold long before it is harvested to national and international buyers to mill some of the finest floors from these oak trees. Once sawn into boules the wood is air dried for months and years depending on the future use of the wood. Classic character, large knots and wide and long planks are VE’s French Oak Planks trademark. Planks are up to 12″ wide and 15′ long.

Available in Engineered and Solid with a milled or sawn surface.

About Us

We are your leading resource for French flooring and elevated design elements. From homeowners to architects, builders to designers, we help you bring your vision to life. We customize French Oak and bring out its unique qualities to fit your desired design and color.

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