Antique Limestone Slab Veneer


Antique Limestone Slab Veneer

Our suppliers throughout France supply us with a range of unique antique limestone blocks that exhibit a rich-weathered and distressed patina.  Vintage Elements takes these massive blocks and slices these surfaces into 2″ or 3″ thick slabs so our clients can clad their projects with these incredible stone surfaces that are absolutely unique.  Slabs are usually 12″ to 16″ wide and up to 30″ long.  Corners and Quoins can be cut upon request as well.  These limestone boulders usually are salvaged from antique flood and retaining walls through out the Provence or from demolished antique farmhouse and barn foundations.

About Us

We are your leading resource for French flooring and elevated design elements. From homeowners to architects, builders to designers, we help you bring your vision to life. We customize French Oak and bring out its unique qualities to fit your desired design and color.

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