Reclaimed Antique Beams | Structural reclaimed antique timber from France and the heartland of America for your next design project

Our reclaimed antique French Terracotta tiles are a beautiful flooring choice for a warm, rustic Mediterranean look. Walking on these tiles is a pure sensory experience, with each antique tile being different in texture, color and shape. Having endured centuries-long foot traffic, these antique terracotta tiles are well-suited for any room in your house. Encapsulated wood, straw and rock fragments, as well as animal imprints, are proof of the primitive hand-manufactured process of these antique terracotta tiles. Vintage Elements specializes in locating unique antique tiles that are truly individualized.


Vintage Elements has the largest inventory of these antique reclaimed French Terracotta flooring tiles in the US. We find these terracotta tiles in old farmhouses, storage cellars, utility rooms and roofs throughout France. Our antique French terracotta tiles are installed using a medium to thick mortar bed to accommodate different thicknesses that can range from 1/2” to 1 1/4”. The finished antique tiles will add up to 15 lbs per sq.ft. of weight to your floor.


To protect your antique terracotta floor, Vintage Elements sells custom mixed finishing products that will give you an authentic finish. Our antique terracotta priming oil will lock in volatile components and will prevent surface efflorescence, which is very common in antique terracotta tiles. It also brings out the rich red and cream color tones that are hidden beneath the grouting haze, eliminating the need to acid wash or clean the tiles prior to sealing. Finally, our natural wax emulsion provides a protective hard layer that gives the antique French terracotta tile its rich satin-leathery shine, which requires minimal upkeep and can withstand plenty of foot traffic.