Flemish Gray – Aged French Light Grey Limestone

Flemish Gray – Aged French Light Grey Limestone

Vintage Elements’ newest addition to our aged new French limestone selection.  This light grey limestone cut from a small family-owned quarry in France with its pure light grey colors that are very homogenous throughout with not much variation, without the typical encapsulated sediment particles is the perfect stone for contemporary or rustic French country design.  Vintage Elements can pillow and chisel the edges for a more rustic character look or we can offer the stone with a hand honed and polished surface and straight calibrated edges.  Stone is 3/4″ thick and comes 20″ width and free lengths up to 35″.   This grey French limestone is a medium dense stone with a smooth non-textured surface lending itself for kitchen, living and other high traffic areas.  The stone can be sealed or waxed and is easy to clean and maintain.

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We are your leading resource for French flooring and elevated design elements. From homeowners to architects, builders to designers, we help you bring your vision to life. We customize French Oak and bring out its unique qualities to fit your desired design and color.

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