French Cobble Stone Pavers

VE’s solution for your next hardscape and driveway design.  Reclaimed worn French granite cobble stone pavers in square or rectangular shape are the perfect choice for complementing your French country or Mediterranean home.  Smooth worn and uneven surfaces create instant curb appeal and warm grey and brown tones of the cobbles will highlight your landscaping and the surroundings of your home.

Our antique pavers come in three thicknesses and with two surface choices.  1 1/4″ thick cut antique cobbles are the perfect choice to install them over existing concrete driveways or new poured in place concrete.  French cobbles are installed using similar methods to our reclaimed limestone flooring and once installed the cobbles are grouted and sealed in similar fashion.

For the traditional method of setting these cobbles in sand or screed we offer cutting the pavers at 3″ thickness or leaving them at full thickness which ranges from 4″ to 5″.  Setting them in sand or screed will provide excellent drainage and allows for future repairs should roots intrude on your driveway.  Ice melting heating coils can be installed under both, thick and thin cut, pavers.

VE also offers smooth cut sand blasted surfaces for seating and play areas.  Please inquire.