1. French Terracotta and Oak Inlay Floor

    6″ square reclaimed French Terracotta and Oak Inlay Floor Images of a floor under construction in Florida that we just received from the homeowner. The installer is doing an excellent job, selecting the tiles and pickets for an incredibly good looking floor. Interesting antique terracotta tiles we…Read More

  2. New Chateau French Oak Wood Floors

    New Lorraine White Oak Flooring Planks with our Chateau Finish. 8.5″ wide engineered Lorraine white oak planks with an air dried shrunken face and original sawmarks and raised knots. Without remilling the surface, we turned air dried French oak boules into custom French oak planks and applied our …Read More

  3. Charlotte Reclaimed French Oak Flooring

    Reclaimed French Oak Flooring with Chateau Finish Just received a text with this image from my finisher. A winecellar French Oak floor that had to be expedited. 250 year old French oak beam cut planks, that received our bespoke finish “Chateau” with an undulated and brushed surface, tumbled edge…Read More

  4. Grey Barr Reedition French Limestone

    Grey Barr Reedition French Limestone as Master Bathroom Flooring These images of a finished Master Bathroom show the many ways our French Limestone floor can be utilised throughout your home. Finished with a stone sealer, wet condition are no problem for this slightly porous yet durable limestone fl…Read More

  5. Flemish Gray French Limestone Flooring

    Flemish Gray Limestone – perfect light grey limestone for your next flooring project We just received our first batch of this stone from a small family-run quarry in Southern France. As the name suggest it is a grey limestone, but not just plain grey but a perfect homogenous light grey without the…Read More

  6. Hexagonal Reclaimed French Terracotta Flooring

    6″ hexagonal reclaimed French Terracotta Flooring An installer in Philadelphia just texted us these photos of an ongoing install of our hexagonal reclaimed antique French Terracotta flooring tiles. He did a great job installing the uneven thick tiles with a level surface. Traditional tight joints …Read More

  7. Versailles Parquet

    Versailles Parquet built from reclaimed rough sawn American Oak These are images of a project under construction. Client loved the rough sawn texture of reclaimed antique American white oak and asked us if we could produce Versailles panels with this surface and engineer the slabs for underfloor rad…Read More

  8. 2nd cut Dalle de Bourgogne Limestone

    A beautiful French Limestone flooring project under way in Atlanta, Georgia with our 2nd cut Dalle de Bourgogne limestone floor. Along with limestone columns our antique Dalle de Bourgogne limestone will make this Foyer and Entrance the centerpiece of this home. We can’t wait to see additional ima…Read More