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Handhewn Oak Beams

Reclaimed American Handhewn oak beams that have been salvaged from large parts of the Midwest from barns that were built before the turn of the 19th century predominantly by traveling Amish craftsman.  

These massive oak and hardwood beams were straigthen by hand hewing the sides with an ax rather than a saw.  Because of the wood species used these beams are weathered grey and rarely show signs of rot or other insect damage.  

Supplied beams are denailed, fumigated and sprayed and can be slabsawn on the back side for easier installation against the ceiling.

About Us

We are your leading resource for French flooring and elevated design elements. From homeowners to architects, builders to designers, we help you bring your vision to life. We customize French Oak and bring out its unique qualities to fit your desired design and color.

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